2. 'Work Arounds'

2.1. Linux

At present there is no client that can be used on Linux systems to access all the features offered by Exchange. However, Linux email clients can connect to the Exchange system using IMAP connections to obtain their email in the usual manner.

It is possible to view your Nexus calendar and perform some task functions if you install Davmail. This program acts as an Exchange gateway and allows e.g. Thunderbird, and its calendar plugin Lightning, to interact with your Nexus calendar. Details of how to set up Davmail on Ubuntu are available.

For users wanting a web interface to their email, the 'Light' version of the Outlook Web Access (OWA Light) can be used on Linux web browsers without issue. This interface has been upgraded by the addition of 'Messageware'. This plugin provides enhanced calendaring, sharing and delegate access to your calendar and allows you to see calendars that have been shared or delegated to you too. Additionally you can access the global address book and manage your contacts.

If other features are needed e.g. task management or access to the second level recycle bin, Linux users will need to obtain access to a Windows or Mac system, or use emulation software to run Outlook.

2.2. Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac users can use Entourage (Web Services edition) to access email and calendaring functions. However, now that OS X Snow Leopard has been released, Mac users who upgrade their machines, will have a brand new suite of tools to work with Exchange servers natively. Full details of Apple Mail on Snow Leopard are now available.

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