1. Using Nexus

Where do I log into Nexus web mail?
You can access your email via any internet browser at https://owa.nexus.ox.ac.uk/. Please note that more additional features will be available if you use Internet Explorer than if you use other browsers.
I have forgotten my password/username
See Registration pages at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/registration/.
What do the private or shared/public computer options mean?
When connecting to Nexus via a web browser two options are offered when logging in. It is important to choose the appropriate option depending on the location you are logging in from.
This is a public or shared computer
Use when: In an internet cafe, shared computer room and another insecure location.
Details: This login expires after approximately 10 minutes of inactivity, or when you close all windows of the browser.
This is a private computer
Use when: On your own computer, or your office computer.
Details: This login expires after approximately 8 hours. Closing the browser will not log you out. You must logout using the "Log off" link.
Which username and password do I need to use with Oxford Nexus?
You should use your Oxford Account name and password as with any service that you access via Webauth.
How do I set up my email program to connect to Oxford Nexus?
A separate page gives set up guides for different email programs.
Do I have to switch the program I use for email?
No, Oxford Nexus will still allow IMAP connections from email clients, which means that most users can continue to access their email just like they did with Herald email (see the page about Nexus email for details).
What do I need to change in the email program installed on my computer?
If you use an email client for Herald email it should still work normally. You may need to refresh or resubscribe to your folder list but connection settings will not need to be changed.
How do I change...?
my forwarding?
To get your Oxford email delivered to another account, go to Nexus Account Settings page and use the Set email forwarding address option.
my sender address?
If you have more than one Oxford address, you can choose which one to use as your default on the Nexus Account Settings page. You can also use an email client (via IMAP) to send as other email addresses, if this is something you need to do.
my SPAM filtering settings?
Set the level of spam filtering on the Nexus Account Settings page. You also need to have spam filtering turned on in Outlook Web Access. Log in to Nexus and click on [Options], followed by [Junk E-mail]. Make sure that Automatically filter junk e-mail is selected (more information on the mail filtering page).
my password?
Change your password on the https://webauth.ox.ac.uk/password page. More information on the Email at Oxford today page
Why do I have to sign in to Nexus even though I have already used my Single Sign-On to sign in to another service?
The Nexus password store is separate from that for the Webauth services (such as WebLearn). The username and passwords are the same and if you change them, they will change for all services that use the Oxford Account details.
Will the new web interface work with non-Microsoft browsers, such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome?
Yes, you will be able to access your email and some calendaring functions using these, and other, browsers. See the OWA Light guide for details. You will get access to more of the additional features if you use Internet Explorer (such as shared calendars and address lists).
How do I forward all my emails from Oxford Nexus?
If you are an ex-Herald user and were forwarding all of your emails from Herald, this should continue to work with the same settings as before. If you are new to email forwarding, or if you wish to change these settings, you do this at Nexus Account Settings page.
I have set ‘forwarding’ on my Nexus email account but it does not forward Out of Office (also known as OOF) messages on to my destination email account. Why is this?
This is a feature of Microsoft Exchange. OOF notifications are considered to be special kinds of messages called ‘delivery reports’. The Oxford Nexus implementation of Microsoft Exchange cannot forward delivery reports.
Further details: Nexus uses a specialised forwarding feature in order to allow multiple forwarding email accounts. This is achieved by creating a 'Distribution Group (DG)'. Delivery Reports are not forwarded to DGs by design. For more information, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb430743(EXCHG.80).aspx.
How do I send a message to several people?
If you want more than one address in the 'To:' (or Cc/Bcc) field, add a semi-colon (;) between each address. Nexus also allows you to create distribution lists, which is a convenient way to send messages to a number of people at the same time, such as a small research group.
I would like to get the server to reply with an automated message when someone emails my mailbox. Can I do this?
There are two main ways of doing this. The first is via an Out of Office (or vacation) message. See the help pages for assistance on setting this in Outlook Web Access. You may even be able to set this from your mobile phone or BlackBerry. The second is to use an autoreply message. There are some dangers to creating rules with autoreplies in them. Please read our help page on Mailbox autoreplies for more information.
I have two Oxford addresses - how do I specify which one is used?
Go to the Nexus account settings page https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/self/nexus and select Set preferred email address
Why can't I pick another email address to send from in Oxford Nexus web mail?
You are only able to send email from (one of) your University email address(es) through the Oxford Nexus email web interface (Outlook Web Access). You can still use an email client (via IMAP) to send as other email addresses, if this is something you need to do.
Others currently send email to me or to our group account as username@herald.ox.ac.uk. Will this still work?
This is no longer supported and emails will be returned to the sender.
What does 'managed' folders mean?
In Oxford Nexus, the following folders will be managed and items will be automatically removed from the folder 90 days after they were put there:
  • Deleted Items
  • Junk E-Mail
What happens to my Deleted Items?
Messages in the Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders are removed 90 days after items are placed in those folders. Of course you may pre-empt this by clearing out those folders deliberately before the 90 days are reached and it is even possible that your email program (your 'client') may be set to do this for you.
Can I restore a deleted email?
Yes, deleted items go to your Deleted Items folder. If you deleted it from there as well (and some people's email programs are set to 'Empty Deleted Items on exit'), you now have a second chance with Oxford Nexus. Items are kept in the 'Recover Deleted Items' store for a further seven days if you are using Outlook or Outlook Web Access Premium (with Internet Explorer). See the Deleted email - restore page for details.
How much disk space (quota) do I have available?
The standard Nexus quota is 2 GB (those few people with a quota in excess of 2 GB on the old Herald system keep their previous quota).
How do I find out how much of my quota I've used?
All users can access details of their quota usage by going to the Nexus Account Settings pages and select Show email usage and quota.
If you are an Internet Explorer user accessing Nexus via the Outlook Web Access interface, you can hover the mouse pointer over the mailbox name to see info on your quota.
Apple Mail Nexus users can view their disk usage in the Account Info window: control-click on the mailbox name in the left hand pane of the Mail window and select [Get info] from the pop up menu. (Alternatively you can click the small gears icon in the bottom left corner of the Mail window and then select [Get Account Info].) The Account Info window now appears and displays a list of mail folders along with the size and number of messages for each. The total size and number of messages are given at the bottom of the window.
What happens if I am filling up my quota?
Warning messages are sent by Nexus once your account has used 90% of its allocated space. (See Warning messages for more information). You should discuss your quota with your IT support staff who will help you look for a solution.
I need more quota for my mailbox
Additional quota can be requested, on a case-by-case basis, by your IT support staff. For more information regarding extra quota see Requesting extra Nexus mailbox quota and sections 1 and 4 of the Service Level Description.
I only see 100 results in my search when using OWA
The search results in OWA are limited to the first 100 matches found. So you may need to set other criteria to see old messages.
Why do some University colleagues receive my external out of office reply instead of the internal version?
The internal out of office message is only sent to University members who are also on Nexus. If they are not on the Nexus system they are considered to be 'external' and given your external out of office reply instead.
How private are my private calendar entries?
Where you share your Nexus calendar with others, you may still want to keep some of the items private. In some client software, e.g. Outlook, Entourage, iCal etc. you are able to set a Private check box on a calendar item. However, please note that this private status does not guarantee that the item will be unreadable by others as it is dependent on the other person's client software respecting the private flag. Outlook, Entourage and iCal on Snow Leopard have full support and respect private events but it is unlikely that you can be completely sure of the client software being used by those you share your calendar with. Private events may also be visible through direct programmatic access.
You can read Microsoft's statement about this and there is some more information on Mike Cardwell's Blog.
I would like to send email from my project account address while logged in to Outlook or OWA with my personal account
SendAs/FullAccess rights can be set on project accounts to allow someone logged in to Outlook or OWA with their personal account to send mail from the project account address. These rights are controlled centrally and cannot be set using Outlook. On request, OUCS can give a personal account SendAs/FullAccess rights to a project account.

N.B. OUCS will not apply rights the other way around; i.e. a project account having access to a personal account.

Requests to set up SendAs/FullAccess rights must come from one of either of the following:

  1. The owner of the project account, or
  2. The registered Department/College IT Support Staff of the user who owns the project account

    N.B.: A "user" of a project account is not authorised to request SendAs rights unless they own the project account.

How do I access a 'mailbox only account' using a web browser?
You need to use the Nexus email address of the account you want to access. In this example we are using a psychology email address e.g. projectxxxx@psych.ox.ac.uk.
First, log in to OWA using your personal username and password. In your web browser address bar type this account in the form of: https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa/projectxxxx@psych.ox.ac.uk/ A language screen may appear. After selecting the appropriate language, the screen refreshes and shows your project mailbox. You can now perform standard email activities in your project account mailbox.
I wish to share my personal mailbox with someone else
If you just wish to give read-only access to some email folders, to your calendar or to other objects you can see in Outlook, it is possible to do this via some types of email client software. Please see the instructions at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nexus/delegate/ for further details.

If you wish to allow someone else to Send on Behalf of you, there are also instructions at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nexus/delegate/

If you wish someone to have Full Access to your account and to Send As you, this is also possible. However, please note that this is a very high level of privilege over your account and should not be given away lightly. If this is actually what you desire, you should contact OUCS for this access to be added to both your own and your collegue's accounts. Please explain the circumstances and exactly what you need.

N.B. This request has to come from you, the personal account owner. OUCS cannot accept requests from IT Support Staff on your behalf for personal accounts.

I have shared my mailbox with a colleague 'Alice', how can they set my out of office reply?
'Alice' needs to log on to https://owa.nexus.ox.ac.uk/ using Internet Explorer. In the top-right (next to log-off) she needs to click on her name and choose 'Select mailbox...' Type the colleagues name into that and then she should see everything 'Bob' would, including the Out of Office Assistant.

Alternatively type: https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa/name.surname@unit.ox.ac.uk for a direct link to another's mailbox.

I booked a meeting room for all day but somebody else managed to book the same room..
Some email clients don’t block out the time in the resource calendar when ‘All day event’ option is selected. We suggest users not to use ‘All day event’ option instead set hours on a booking (start and end time).
Where can I get more help?
If you are having trouble with the new system please:

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