7. Administrative Access

During the migration process IT Services may supply the unit with an account with the appropriate level of access to insert items into target mailboxes. Preferably this account should only have rights over an individual mailbox for the time taken to migrate the account and no longer. Ideally access can be granted on a daily basis to the target mailboxes for that day's migrations. This clearly requires very good planning.

For general client support purposes IT Services will provide ITSS with access to a user's mailbox if that user has contacted IT Services to confirm that they are happy for this action to take place. All access is granted in accordance with the University's IT rules and regulations, specifically the section related to examining user data.

Although some units may have historically used administrative access implicitly while performing user support functions for their email services, IT Services will not grant an individual long-term rights over a large number of mailboxes.

In all cases, authorization for access to a mailbox must come from an indivdual user, the Head of Department, Registrar or Proctors, as appropriate (IT Rules and Regulations sections 17.3, 17.2, and 17.5a).

IT Services will not provide a general administrative account on Nexus. No direct access to the Active Directory or user mailboxes will be permitted outside of that detailed above.

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