3. Migration Software/Hardware

IT Services can provide some advice and support regarding the purchase of any specialized migration software. The Nexus Team may also provide a limited number of test accounts should the unit wish to run some migration tests prior to committing to a software purchase.

For larger migrations, a 'migration master' account can sometimes be provided in order to manage the accounts within the migrating unit only. This gives the migrating unit the ability to define security groups etc. and to establish the devolved access (e.g. Full Access privileges) similar to the source system.

With regard to hardware, in 2009, the migration from Herald to Exchange used 8 quad-core machines with 6GB of memory each, each evening for the Herald to Nexus migration process. These machines would migrate approximately 1,000 accounts in 12 hours.

The Nexus Service, and IT Services, are not funded to purchase software on behalf of the unit thus all costs relating to specialized or custom developed software lie with the unit. Similarly both Nexus, and IT Services, are not funded to provide hardware for the migration process.

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