12. IT Services Resources

Any migration is seen as a collaborative effort between IT Services and the local unit. Due to the limited size of the Nexus Team and the pressures of other work, the resource that IT Services has available to put into a unit's migration project is limited. As a guide, IT Services will endeavour to provide:
  1. An initial consultation to discuss the migration process (The migrating unit is expected to bring details of their current system including number of accounts, groups and relevant sizing information. An outline timetable would also be desirable.)
  2. A technical consultation
  3. An overview of an appropriate migration process
  4. Contacts in other University departments who have either migrated from a like system or will be migrating from a like system
  5. Advice and possibly migration accounts as laid out in Migration Software/Hardware and Administrative Access
  6. Best-efforts assistance before, during and after the migration

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