1. Overview

These guidelines were drawn up from the experience of migrating from the old OUCS Herald email system and with other, more recent migrations in mind. This document attempts to set out some responsibilities of IT Services and the unit with regards to such a process.

The Nexus Email Service SLD underpins this document and states

                        Some departments and colleges run their own Exchange or other email service. Where a
                        unit wishes to migrate from their local service to Nexus IT Services will provide advice to
                        departments and colleges on a reasonable efforts basis, including an initial assessment
                        of the complexity and likely resources required to undertake any such migration, as well
                        as providing supporting materials relating to the preferred methods of undertaking any
                        migration process. However, no specific resources have been allocated for IT Services to
                        undertake a migration from a department service to the Nexus Service or for enabling
                        interoperability between Nexus and a local Exchange instance, for example. Departments
                        wishing to migrate from a local service or who wish to use Nexus beyond the scope of the
                        service defined in this SLD would be expected to commit the required resources to enable
                        any IT Services support for such activities (where feasible). Some useful background 
                        information, including indicators of the level of support IT Services can
                        provide to migrating units is described at <http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/nexus/itss/altmigrate.xml>. Departments
                        seeking a hosting facility for their own Exchange or email service should contact NSMS
                        in the first instance.

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