2. Outline Process

OUCS used a six stage process when migrating from Herald to Nexus and envision a similar process being required for migrations from local mail servers. The six stages were:
  1. Evaluation
  2. Design
  3. Testing
  4. Initial Migrations
  5. Early Adopters
  6. Bulk Migrations

Evaluation: Establishing what data needs to be migrated and defining success criteria (in the Herald migration data integrity of the email was the primary success criteria). Look at available tools and perform some preliminary testing to determine if they are fit for purpose.

Design: Design end to end migration process first for a single account and then wrap this with a second process that migrates each account in turn (serial) or several at once (parallel).

Testing: Test each part of the per-account migration process individually then test the full process over several accounts against test servers.

Initial Migrations: Run a small number of live migrations, committing the user to Nexus. Most likely IT Staff for the unit.

Early Adopters: Migrate a small group of users and seek feedback on the migration process. Roll any feedback back into the process to improve it for the bulk migrations.

Bulk Migrations: Migrate all other users according to the timetable.

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