9. Account Provisioning

All members of the University have a Nexus mailbox which they may or may not use. Any accounts held on local mail servers should be imported into the appropriate Nexus mailbox. Where a mailbox does not exist a new account must be provisioned and this will most likely be a 'project account' related to a specific team, project or role.

A mapping between the local mail server accounts (source accounts) and Nexus (target accounts) should be established prior to migrating any data. IT Services can provide appropriate list of accounts with aliases/SSOs, if required.

Please note that it is dangerous to assume that all of your users to be migrated will have empty, unused Nexus mailboxes. In the past, it has been discovered that some users are cleverly using both and do not want the two collections of emails to be merged. IT Services can gather statistics regarding mailbox size and access to Nexus accounts in order to identify such situations.

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