4. Considerations

  1. Ensure that end-users are aware that autocompleted names will be lost, and why this is the case. The same addressing issue may also affect old messages to which the user clicks 'reply'. In all cases, delivery will be possible if you select the name from the GAL or type in the SMTP address directly.
  2. Handheld/mobile devices will need to be reconnected. In the case of a BlackBerry it will need:
    1. To be backed up (by the desktop client software)
    2. Any BIS email configuration saved for later regeneration
    3. To have its firmware version checked and possibly updated to 4.5 or later
    4. Application configuration data saved. These will lose any preferences but should not be removed by the wipe and reactivation.
    5. To be 'wiped'.
    6. A licence, possibly from the previous BES.
    7. Enterprise Activation
    8. Restoration of the previously backed up configuration.

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