10. Other problems

Cannot log in (project account)
If a project account was migrated and a user couldn’t log in to Nexus, they just needed to connect to *anything* that was Webauthed using that project account's username and password. After a few minutes, they would then be able to log into Nexus using that username and password.
Birthdays late on iPhone and iPod
Birthdays may have appeared off by one day when synced to an iPhone or iPod from Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 Contacts. Apple described how to fix this on an Apple support page
Problem sending messages with attachment to Exchange account
Nexus/MS Exchange cannot accept attachments of the wrong MIME type, so Word .docs sent as application/applefile instead of application/msword (for example when using Thunderbird on a Mac) will be rejected. mimeTypes.rdf in the Thunderbird profile stores this kind of setting. Deleting that and re-running Thunderbird (with the normal profile) fixed the problem. Further details can be found on the non-delivery page.
Email does not get routed outside Nexus
 If you redirected mail to another mail server at the oxmail level, and you did not forward mail from Nexus onto this other location, then you can end up with email in two places. Exchange will shortcut the email routing, so if anyone in Nexus sent something to the address Nexus has associated with you, it ended up in your Nexus account. Measures were put in place to ensure email forwarding was automatically updated to match the oxmail routings where possible. For details of this process see the Email Routing page.

A second common cause of this issue was where the Nexus account had been assigned the email address username@herald.ox.ac.uk (this would have been migrated from the settings on Herald). When the user was selected from the GAL, email would route to Nexus. When their long form address was used it would have been routed outside. If the user did not wish to keep their Nexus account separate from their main account, elsewhere, then we advised you to let us know.

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