2. The use of username@herald

In the same email of 30 June 2009:

Please note that during the migration period, we will make our best endeavours to have herald forward emails to username@herald onto the user's Nexus account, once their migration has happened. After all Herald accounts have been migrated and that service approaches decommissioning (not before 2010) then these routings will cease to work. Adequate warning will be given of this but we strongly urge you to stop using username@herald routing addresses in scripts etc. that email people as soon as you feasibly can. You can make LDAP lookups for people's "real" email addresses in scripts and send to them. Please see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/services/oak/sp/ldap/using_ldap_client_software_with_oak.xml for more information on how to do this in various different scripting languages.

Separate provision will be made for projects and student clubs and societies that currently have account@herald email addresses information about this will follow in the near future.

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