7. Connectivity

 OWA reported my account is disabled
 First we advised you to check on Webmail to see if the account had been migrated. If it was still being migrated then all access was disabled. If migration had finished, then it could have been that some information was cached either in the browser, or on the server. We advised logging off Nexus and then Logging on again to see if the account was still disabled. If so, the next step was to try restarting the browser. If neither of these worked, then information might have been cached on the web server. The caches were set to clear after 30 minutes. If access still appeared to be disabled one hour after the migration had finished, we advised you to contact: help@oucs.ox.ac.uk

[HELPDESK] This can be checked on WebReg.

 I couldn’t log into my new account after migration
 Occasionally, for users who did not use WebAuth-protected sites on a regular basis, passwords may not have been synchronized to Nexus. We advised visiting the old Webmail, and logging in. A few minutes later your password should have synchronized with Nexus.

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