9. IMAP Problems

Odd items appearing in IMAP mailboxes
Odd messages appear in e.g. Thunderbird after the user has setup Outlook 2007. These have message subjects similar to:
               Subject: Outlook Message Manager (Nexus) (KEY:EF858013EDF13B4796FCC546AB439DFD)
The 'message' itself was empty but the headers stated:
 Thread-Topic: Outlook Message Manager (Nexus) (KEY:
               Accept-Language: en-GB, en-US Content-Language: en-US
                  Content-Type: text/plain;
               charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding:
                  quoted-printable MIME-Version: 1.0

 These messages were produced by Outlook and were not meant to be viewable to the user. After a short time Thunderbird rendered them hidden from view again.

IMAP Message not retrievable
 A message is dispalyed similar to below:
                  Subject: Retrieval failed using IMAP4 protocol for
                     message: 14222
                  From: Microsoft Exchange 2007
                  To: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                  Exchange 2007 IMAP4 server failed to retrieve the
                     following message:
                  Subject: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                  Sent Date: 23/03/2009 13:40:31
                  The message could not be retrieved using the IMAP4
                     protocol. The message has not been deleted and may be accessible using
                     either Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access. You
                     can also try contacting the original sender of the message to
                     find out about the contents of the message.
                  Retrieval of this message will be retried when the
                     server is updated with a fix that addresses the problem.

 We did not identify a fix for this issue.

IMAP Connection Problem Post-migration
 The herald IMAP address (username.herald.ox.ac.uk) was remapped to nexus as part of the migration process. Although the Time-To-Live setting was relatively low at 5 minutes, some caching DNS servers may have caused problems. If connectivity was an issue, we advised you to first try restarting the email client software then investigating the DNS entry for your IMAP connection. At a shell prompt on a Unix/Linux machine, in a terminal windows on OS X, or a cmd prompt on Windows, we advised you to type: nslookup username.herald.ox.ac.uk

 The responses should have included herald.nexus.ox.ac.uk rather than an imapXXX.herald.ox.ac.uk address.



Non-authoritative answer:

username.herald.ox.ac.uk  canonical name = herald.nexus.ox.ac.uk.

Name:   herald.nexus.ox.ac.uk


 If all else fails, we advised reconfiguring the IMAP client using the appropriate Nexus instructions and connecting via imap.nexus.ox.ac.uk.

IMAP Connection Problem Post-migration (Apple Mail)
 We have had a couple of reports of issues where Apple Mail did not realise the server had changed, or started repeatedly prompting for credentials. We only saw this for a very small number of people, all other Apple Mail migrations worked well and only required re-subscribing to folders. If you suffered this problem, we advised reconfiguring to use the imap.nexus.ox.ac.uk IMAP server.
X Headers are Missing after Migration
From what figured out, this was the product of a change in the behaviour of Exchange 2007 SP1 that appeared to have been introduced with rollup 8 on 19 May 2009, to fix another issue.

The Exchange development blogged on this issue and their blog post implied that the Exchange server no longer preserves X headers which came from "Anonymous submissions" (basically email from outside Exchange). Any header seen before the update to rollup 8 should have been preserved, however Nexus was implemented with rollup 8 installed.

Note: the oxmail SPAM headers are acted upon by the Junk mail filtering we have built into the Nexus implementation, but the headers are not preserved and passed on the IMAP or other cleints.

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