7. Is the 500 folder limit a major problem?

For almost all users, 500 is an awful lot of folders and you have to be quite unlucky to have your personal mailbox and a secondary mailbox both being on the same mailbox server (currently, a one in ten chance).

However, it has been coming to light that there are a few people across Nexus with many hundreds of folders in their personal/primary mailbox and they then have Full Access to many secondary/project mailboxes. For them the chance of running into the folder limit is significantly higher. These people will possibly see caching problems and ‘sync errors’.

A few of these people are also benefiting from automapped secondary mailboxes, and a few of these people may have already (manually) mapped the secondary mailbox into Outlook. This doubles up their problem, although it should be quickly alleviated by deleting the manual mapping.

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