1. Introduction

The slide pack can be downloaded from here.

The slide pack consists of 87 slides arranged into the following categories:

  • Working with contact lists(18 slides)p.8 – p.25
  • Using journal entries(4 slides)p.26 – p.29
  • Using email( 10 slides )p.30 – p.40
  • Working with calendars(9 slides)p.41 – p.49
  • Scheduling meetings(5 slides)p.47 – p.54
  • Using categories, rules and tasks(5 slides)p.55 – p.59
  • SharePoint(3 slides)p.60 – p.62
  • Delegate access(3 slides)p.63 – p.65
  • Other email clients(10 slides)p.66 – p.75
  • Outlook Web Access, (OWA)(7 slides)p.76 – p.82
  • Resources(2 slide)p.83 – p.84

Speaker notes are provided with the pack and can be found in the notes section of a slide. On slides with long notes, the font size has been reduced so the notes page can be printed on A4.

There is a custom show called Brief demo containing 31 slides from across all the categories listed above.

You are free to edit this show or create new custom shows to highlight areas that might be useful for your users to know about. In most of the categories, you’ll find slides that show how to create and set up the items discussed. To create a new custom show in PowerPoint 2007:

  1. Select [Slide Show] from the ribbon.
  2. Click on the Custom Slide Show button.
  3. Choose [Custom Shows..] as shown in figure 1.
  4. Click on Edit… to edit and existing custom show or New… to create a new one.
How to start the show
Figure 1. How to start the slide show

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