2. Managing a calendar that has been delegated to you

If you are responsible for managing another user's calendar, the easiest way to do this is to open their calendar in a new iCal window. You can do this as follows:

Click the Calendars button and control-click on the calendar you want to display (in this example, [elena]). A menu will appear; from this menu, select [Open Delegate in a Separate Window]:

Drop down Window menu in iCal showing accounts delegated to this

The user's calendar will open in a separate window. You can now create and edit calendar items, and view all existing entries in a grid, within this new iCal window just like you can in your own calendar. When you create a meeting request by double-clicking on a date in their calendar, iCal sends the invitation exactly as if it had come from that user's account. If the user has also delegated their tasks to your account you can also assign and manage tasks within this calendar by adding and managing To Do items in exactly the same way as you would within your own calendar.

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