1. Setting up a meeting to include a room booking from iCal

In your main iCal window make sure that you have your Nexus account selected in the left hand pane. Next bring up the new appointment window either by double clicking on the required date in the calendar view or via the menu system by clicking [File] then [New event]. Now fill in the required information for the appointment such as the title for the appointment and the date, time, and duration along with any other relevant information such as location and any notes.

The new appointment window in iCal

Once you have filled in all the details that you would normally fill in to add an event to your calendar you can invite the room to the meeting by clicking the Add invitees link. This will open a text field in place of the link with the cursor placed within this "invitees" field for you to start typing the name of the room you wish to invite. As you type text into the "invitees" field a list of possible matches will appear and you can select the correct room from the list.

The new appointment window showing adding a room to an appointment
                            in iCal

Once the correct room has been selected that room is shown as an added invitee to this appointment along with a link to "Available Meeting Times..".

The new appointment window showing the room added to an appointment
                            in iCal

Once you have added the room to the invitee list you can go on and invite your colleagues in exactly the same way.

The new appointment window showing the room and one other invitee
                            added to an appointment in iCal

To check that your room and all your other invitees are available for this appointment click the "Available Meeting Times.." link which will bring up a pop up "Availability" window that shows the availability for all parties of the meeting, i.e. the organizer, the room and all invitees.

The iCal availability window showing the availability of all
                            parties involved in a meeting in a grid format

If the availability window shows that some parties are unavailable you can use the navigation arrows to step through the calendar to find a more suitable time or you can click the Next Available Time button to allow the application to find this for you. Once you have settled on a meeting date that you are happy has the required availability you can click the Done to close the availability window and return to the new appointment window. If you have changed the meeting date from the original date that you selected this new date will now be reflected in the new appointment window.

A completed iCal new appointment window ready to send

Finally, click the Send button to send the meeting invitations. The meeting request will now be sent to your colleagues and the appointment will be added automatically to your calendar. You will receive an automatically generated response on behalf of the room to indicate acceptance or rejection of the meeting request. If you have already checked the availability of the room then you would expect to receive an acceptance, you would only receive a rejection if another user has booked this resource in the meantime.

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