Over the coming few months, accounts in the Herald email system will be migrated to the new Oxford Nexus email system. The timetable for the move to the new system is shown below (all dates are 2009):

DateWho?Additional information
15th June beta testers Checking consistency of migration processes, plus further checks of email client behaviour
20th July 1st tranche early adopters Early users, all providing critical feedback of migration experience and documentation, etc.
27th July OUCS Whole of the department moves over.
From 3rd Aug (over 2 week period) 2nd tranche of early adopters Whole, smaller units move over.
1st Sept New users Exchange accounts created. Undergraduate, 'taught-course' postgraduate migrations begin.
7th Sept - 2nd Oct 1st Herald migration window Staff and research postgraduates
19th Oct - 11th Nov 2nd Herald migration window Remaining staff and research postgraduates

Eventually, there will be a a final deadline for exceptional people who could not be migrated in the two main migration windows.

How will I know when I'll be migrating?

Firstly, an IT support person who knows you should make a judgement as to which window is the most convenient for you. Then, at least two weeks in advance of your migration, you will receive a message with your 'slot' allocated to you. It should be an overnight migration, but some people will be given a daytime three-hour slot. If your migration time is highly inconvenient (e.g. you may be planning on working overnight at that time), let your IT support staff know and they will re-schedule it. Nevertheless, the migration is designed to be as unintrusive as possible.

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