1. Who will, and will not, be migrated?

WhoTo be migrated?Additional information
Everyone actively using their Herald email account and not falling into one of the other categories here Yes All Herald account users who have email in their account and who are not due to leave the University before the end of October 2009 must be migrated.
Active Herald email users who are due to leave before the end of October 2009 No This is based on today's University Card information. If expiry dates are extended, these users will fall into the above migration category and will be given good notice of migration.
Herald accounts set to forward email elsewhere Yes If you are forwarding email from Herald, you are actively using the Herald account. It will be migrated, but the forwarding will continue as before. Do not confuse Herald with any other account, such as the one that receives your forwarded email. The two are quite separate and it is your Herald account that is to be migrated.
Unused Herald accounts Yes There are many people who have a Herald account but who may not realise that they do, or have forgotten. These include those who had an account created but have never used it. It may be that your mail is routed elsewhere (e.g. to your department's email service). If this applies to you, you need not worry as you may not notice migration [note]. We still must send announcement emails to your Herald account to warn you, in case you do use the account.
Users with mail routed elsewhere and with no Herald account No This page concerns people migrating from Herald to Oxford Nexus. At a later stage, some departments and colleges who run their own email servics may wish to migrate to Oxford Nexus. This will be scheduled and publicised later.

[Note about unused accounts: Even if you do not use an account, people may be trying to contact you via that address. To make sure you do not miss those messages you should make necessary arrangements, for example have mail to that account routed to your normal address.]

Please see the first of these pages for information as to when accounts are due to be migrated.

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