4. What should I do before, during and after the migration?

This section describes what to do in the moments immediately before, during and after the migration. Before the migration begins, please ensure that you have addressed the most urgent issues of:

The migration should take no longer than three hours. You will be notified in advance exactly when your migration will take place. During the migration, you will not be able to access your email. Should an email be sent to you during that time, it will be 'queued' for delivery and delivered after the migration completes.

4.1. If you access your email via a web browser (Herald Webmail)

On the day of migration, if you are using a web browser to access Webmail, please close it down completely before migration begins. Please note you can still re-start it to browse the web but do not re-connect to your webmail interface. The following list summarizes what you will need to do:

  • Close down all of your open browser windows
  • After the migration is due to have finished, re-start your browser and check your email
  • Please go to https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/email to check your email
  • Please change any bookmarks you have that may point to https://webmail.ox.ac.uk/ (or similar) to https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/email
  • If you do go to the old Webmail interface by mistake you will be re-directed over to Oxford Nexus instead.

Immediately following the migration of your email, checks will be done to verify the numbers of emails and folders successfully migrated. If there is a discrepancy, the migration should abort.

4.2. If you use an email program that is installed on your computer

Many people have an email program or client (such as Outlook, Eudora or Pegasus) installed on their computer. This makes accessing their email easier, especially if you need to work on emails whilst you are not connected to the internet. If this applies to you, then please:

  • Close down your email program before the migration is due to start
  • After the migration is due to have finished, check the status of your migration by attempting to reach Herald Webmail at https://webmail.ox.ac.uk/
  • If the information at that page says that you have finished, re-start the email program and check your email
  • If you are able, please 're-subscribe to' or 'refresh' your email folders (see Subscribing to folders.. and find your client program, for instructions as to how to do this for most popular clients)
  • Please browse through your email to ensure that everything has migrated correctly
  • Microsoft Outlook users may wish to reconfigure their clients to make optimum use of the groupware functionality. There is no hurry to do this, and you may wish to speak with your IT support staff before doing this. An extensive programme of user training is planned by both OUCS and local IT staff. It may be beneficial to attend a session along with other members of your working group to establish new time-saving practices.

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