5. Herald features that will transfer automatically to Oxford Nexus

The following items will be automatically copied from Herald or Herald Webmail to Oxford Nexus:

  • Your Webmail vacation message (also known as the "Out of Office" message)
  • The status of your Webmail vacation message (i.e. if your vacation message is switched on at the time of migration, it will remain on when the migration is finished, and vice versa). After migration, you can change these settings within the Outlook client OWA or OWA-light (for web browsers other than Internet Explorer).
  • Your Herald quota
    • If you have a standard 1 GB Herald quota, this will become a quota of 2 GB. Those few people with a quota in excess of 2 GB currently will keep their previous quota.
  • Your Webmail signature
  • Your spam filtering configuration including Whitelist and Blacklist (but see more detailed spam filtering notes)
  • Your Webmail contacts (but see more detailed contact notes)
  • Your email forwarding settings (and you can change these in OUCS Self-Registration)

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