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Configuring Android Phones to Access Nexus

The following instructions will help you to configure a phone using Android 2.2.

  1. From the phones default screen choose the toggle button (the triangle in a circle labelled button)

    Figure android-images/default-screen.jpg [Default phone screen]

  2. On the All Apps screen select the Settings icon:

    Figure android-images/apps-screen.jpg [Apps screen]

  3. On the Settings screen select Accounts and Sync

    Figure android-images/settings-screen.jpg [Settings screen]

  4. From the Accounts and Sync screen select the Add Account button

    Figure android-images/account-sync.jpg [Accounts and Sync screen]

  5. On the Add an Account screen choose Exchange Active Sync

    Figure android-images/add-account.jpg [Add account screen]

  6. You will now see the Setup Exchange Active Sync screen, where you should add the following details:

    Figure android-images/account-setup.jpg [Account setup screen]

  7. The phone will now try to connect to your email account but will fail

    Figure android-images/error.jpg [Error screen]

  8. Review the Settings screen and change the server address from to
  9. Again the connection is likely to fail, this time due to the username chosen by the device. Correct the username (in the form of abcd1234) and this time it will connect properly.

    Figure android-images/mail-sync-screen.jpg [Mail sync screen]

    You should now be able to select what data you want to sync with your device.

If your device has widgets you may like to choose what format your email is displayed in. To use a widget follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Home screen and scroll left or right to an empty screen and press the + icon to add a Widget

    Figure android-images/widgetscreen.jpg [Screen showing available widgets on the device]

  2. Select the Mail icon

    Figure android-images/mail-icon.jpg [Mail icon]

  3. Next select how you wish to see your email presented

    Figure android-images/style.jpg [Example style of mail presentation]

  4. Now select your Exchange Active Sync account from the list

    Figure android-images/select-account.jpg [Select an account screen]

  5. After a few moments your email will appear in your desired format.