15. know if my Nexus Email and PIM data will synchronise when I am overseas?

This is dependent upon:

  • Your contract with your telephone operator
  • The model of BlackBerry you are using.
  • The capabilities of the mast to which you're connected

You must, as a minimum, enable international roaming which will allow you to make calls. But, in addition, you will need to ensure that your data-plan is also available when roaming on another operators network.

Bear in mind that not all BlackBerry models will work in all countries. For the widest possible coverage you need a quad-band model which will support the different radio frequencies in use in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The frequencies in use are:

  • 850 MHz: North and South America (except the North and West of Brazil)
  • 900 MHz: Africa, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Asia (except Japan, South Korea)
  • 1800 MHz: Africa, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Asia
  • 1900 MHz: North and South America (except the South and East of Brazil)

Most basic phones sold in the UK support only the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz wavelengths. Only if your model is tri-band or quad-band can you be confident of widespread international coverage.

GSM coverage is sufficient only to make calls. However to synchronise data, the mast to which you are connected must also support a data connection AND your roaming contract must permit it to establish a link.

Your BlackBerry will show the connection type on its screen. The connection types (listed from slowest to fastest) are

  • GPRS (also known as 2.5G)
  • EDGE (also known as 2.75G)
  • 3G

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