16. troubleshoot a failure of my BlackBerry to connect (failure at the Enterprise Activation Stage)?

Check the following items before logging a ticket:

  • Has your BlackBerry Activation Password expired? It is valid for 48 hours from when it was first obtained, unless you have been told otherwise.
  • Are you out of range? Your BlackBerry must have a data signal (GPRS, 3G or EDGE) with at least two bars to be confident of a stable connection during activation.
  • Do your anti-spam settings block or forward email messages from Research In Motion? Activation sends an email to your account (with a .DAT attachment) which contains configuration data. If this message cannot be delivered, activation will fail.
  • Do you have any corrupted contact entries? There are reports that contacts which are not fully populated, with both a Firstname and Lastname entry, can cause problems synchronising the Address Book.
  • Is the operating system on your BlackBerry sufficiently current? Version 4.0 or higher should be considered a minimum.
  • Does your contract with your telecom firm include the correct data plan? You must have a BES enabled data plan (not the more-common BIS enabled plan) with your carrier.

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