8. perform Enterprise Activation?

N.B. Enterprise Activation is only possible if your mobile telephony contract is BES-enabled. Most personal contracts are BIS-enabled (only supporting your operators messaging service). You will also require an activation password prior to activation; the password is issued once you have purchased the licence to use the Nexus BlackBerry service from the OUCS shop.

On new BlackBerries there may be a shortcut to Enterprise Activation on the Home screen.
Home screen
If not, click [Options]
Options screen
(or [Settings], dependent on the theme) Click [advanced options] and then [Enterprise Activation].
Advanced Options screen

In the email field, type your university email address. Note: pressing space will type an @ and subsequent presses will type . to make it easier to enter your address). On the password field, enter the password you were given. Bear in mind that passwords expire if not used for activation within 48 hours. Click and select [activate]. You should allow at least an hour for activation although it may well finish sooner. You do not have to wait for the BlackBerry to tell you activation is completed and can use it in the meantime.

Activate Enterprise edition screen

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