13. Turning on Out Of Office (also known as ‘Out Of Facility’ or OOF) via a BlackBerry

Use the following instructions to set your out-of-office reply using your Blackberry:

  1. Open your Messages folder to view email, then click the Blackberry icon button.
  2. In the menu that appears, select [Options]:
    menu of options
  3. Then select [Email Settings]:
    Email settings options
  4. In the section Use Out Of Office Reply, change the selection from [No] to [Yes]:
    Use Out Of Office Reply - set to Yes
  5. Your last-used Out-Of-Office message will now be visible, or you’ll see an empty space in which to enter a new message:
    Last out-of-office message or blank screen if this is first time setting
  6. Enter (or edit) the text appropriately, then exit the menu. At the prompt, select Save to retain and activate your new Out-Of-Office message:
    Save settings menu option

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