2. Prerequisites

Prior to being able to connect there are certain prerequisites that are required, both from a Smartphone and from a Data Plan perspective. These include:
  1. You must have a BES-enabled Data Plan
  2. You need to agree to the purchase of a Client Access license (CAL), which allows the connection to the BES; or, supply the CAL code obtained with your Smartphone
  3. Your device must meet the following criteria:
    1. For device models 850, 857, 950, and 957: BlackBerry Device Software Version 2.7 or higher
    2. For all other devices: BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.0 (Java) or higher
  4. It is highly advised that you perform a backup of your BlackBerry Smartphone prior to the start of the activation process
  5. An active GPRS signal on your Smartphone (the activation process needs at least this signal strength for successful wireless activation i.e. if you are in a basement with poor signal strength do not try to activate)

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