6. Pre-Activation

The most important step in the activation process is the provisioning of the BlackBerry Smartphone i.e. the type of plan/contact enabled for the device. You must confirm with your carrier that you either already have a BES data plan (and have not been utilising it until now) or request that they provide you with a BES-enabled data plan (there is generally an increased cost). Having confirmed this, we can proceed with the activation of your BlackBerry Smartphone on the Nexus BES environment.

The first step is to contact us via email nexushelp@oucs.ox.ac.uk with the following information:
  1. Your BlackBerry Smartphone Type and Model e.g. Bold 9000
  2. Your BlackBerry Operating System version and Firmware Revision (As described above)
  3. Confirmation that you have a BES enabled data plan with your carrier.
  4. That you, or your unit, agree to cover the cost of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Client Access license.
  5. Is your BlackBerry Smartphone currently connected to another BlackBerry Enterprise Server Environment? If so, with whom?
  6. Whether your BlackBerry Smartphone previously been connected to another BlackBerry Enterprise Server Environment.
  7. If you want to have access to your Nexus Mailbox sub-folders, which folders do you not wish to see (in your inbox)?
  8. You can only have one default contact list synchronised from your Nexus mailbox to your BlackBerry Smartphone. Please confirm which one this is (This can be changed at a later date).

The activation process to follow is dependent on the answers you provide.

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