7. Activation Process

If you have just bought your BlackBerry device, or currently have it configured to connect to one or more email accounts using a BIS service (BlackBerry Internet Server), then follow these guidelines. As always, you must at this stage have upgraded your BIS data plan to a BES plan. When connected to the BES, most of the larger carriers allow you to connect up to 10 BIS email accounts alongside the BES connection for other external email accounts.

To activate your BlackBerry with the Nexus BES service please follow the steps below:
  1. Prior to activating your BlackBerry Smartphone, we suggest you delete any BIS connections on your Smartphone which connect to your Nexus mailbox. i.e. if you have used POP, IMAP or OWA to connect to Nexus using your BlackBerry Smartphone, delete the connection prior to proceeding otherwise you will end up getting duplicate deliveries.
    If you do have this configuration then it is advised that you "wipe" the handheld prior to activation as this will remove the emails and any other PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes) you may have synchronised using a wired connection. If you do not wipe the handheld, then you will have duplicate copies of emails that are already on the handheld. Please get in touch with us (via your IT Support Officer if you wish) if you have this configuration and we can advise you further.
  2. It is good practise to take a Backup of your BlackBerry Smartphone prior to beginning this process (using Desktop Manager Tool).
  3. You need to purchase a BES Licence from the OUCS Shop, and provide us with the relevant details . Your BlackBerry Administrator will create an account for you on the system and provide you with an activation password. This password will be active for 48 hours meaning you have some flexibility as to when you initiate the activation.
  4. Ensure you are in an area where you have a strong GPRS signal
  5. On your BlackBerry, perform the following actions:
    1. Browse to options:
    2. Select Advanced options:
    3. Select Enterprise Activation:
    4. Complete the Email and Password fields (Email address being your Primary email address, Password being that provided by your BES administrator):
    5. Select activate and the process should begin. You may receive a prompt to "enable" radio at this stage - turn the radio on when asked:
    6. It will continue if successfully connected:
    7. Eventually, it could take up to 20 minutes; you should receive the message above "Activation Complete":

If there are any problems with the activation process then please retry. If there is still a problem after 2-3 such attempts please contact us and we will assist further. On occasion there can be the need to perform a wired activation at OUCS. However, if a wireless activation will not work it is symptomatic of an issue with the smartphone so wireless activation should be persevered with. The more recent the OS and firmware on the device the greater chance there is of success. Additionally, more features are available with more recent firmware.

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