5. BES Configuration

The following defaults are in-place when we activate your BlackBerry Smartphone on the BES service. Some of these are configurable so please request should you wish to have them changed:
  • Pre-population of emails onto device - 750 emails or 2 weeks (This is the maximum)
  • Default Address Book - Contacts (Can be changed)
    You can request that another Address Book is the default one which your BlackBerry uses, but you can only select one. It is not uncommon for BlackBerry users to create another address book within their mailbox called "BlackBerry", and to populate this with relevant contacts. The Nexus Team can then set this to be the default. This often requires the Smartphone to be switched off and back on for a quicker update.
  • Folder list (Allow you to see "new" emails that are sent to your sub-folders) - enabled and can be changed.
    • By default we will enable this when we prepare for activation of your BlackBerry. We will ask which folders you do not want to redirect to your BlackBerry (any subfolders of your Inbox).
    • By default, pre-population gives priority to more recently received emails, irrespective of the folder they are in.
    • If you are at firmware revision 4.5 or higher on your handheld however, you can use the "remote search" feature to populate your Sub-folders.
  • The "BlackBerry Browser" uses the University connection to access the Internet. This is a BES default. If you do not want to use the University Internet connection then you can set the "Internet Browser" on your BlackBerry as the default browser.

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