8. Device Configuration

  1. Browse to the "messages" folder, open the context menu and select "options":
  2. Select "Email Reconciliation":
  3. Configure the options as follows:
    1. Delete on: Mailbox and Handheld (Ensures Delete syncronization between Smartphone and mailbox) - You do have the option to set this to "prompt", you will then receive an option to Only Delete on handheld
    2. Wireless reconcile (Ensures Mailbox and Smartphone syncronization for email via wireless)
    3. On Conflicts (E-mail integrity is governed by Nexus mailbox)
  4. Browse to the "Browser" tool. Open the context menu and selection "options":
  5. Select the "General Properties" option
  6. Click on the "default Browser" option. You can now set this to Internet browser which "should" mean that you are now using your carrier Internet connection and not the BES Internet connection:

Once the above processes are completed, you will have a fully activated BlackBerry Smartphone. Bear in mind that the Nexus emails will at this point be delivered to the Messages folder along with any BIS email connections you have configured. There are methods to differentiate between the emails (on the Smartphone) but they will nonetheless deliver to the same "messages" folder.

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