1. Overview

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) product allows you to connect a BlackBerry device to the Nexus email environment and allows 2-way synchronisation of your Nexus email and Personal Information Management (PIM) data - Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

Email is synchronised almost instantly between the BlackBerry Smartphone and your Nexus mailbox, allowing quick and seamless access to important email information while you are on the go. BES traffic is encrypted in transit, ensuring the security of your emails. Due to the PUSH technology that the BES utilises, the battery life of the Smartphone is not significantly drained by having a constant connection to your University mailbox. When your Nexus account receives an email, the BES pushes it to your Smartphone. There is no need to manually synchronise via the Smartphone itself.

By connecting to the Nexus BES you also receive wireless access to the Nexus Global Address list, as well as the facility to access any email within your mailbox. Email pre-population of your BlackBerry, when activated, is limited to 2 weeks or 750 emails, however should you need to the "Remote Search" feature allows you to search your entire mailbox. (This does require Firmware version 4.5 or greater on your Smartphone).

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