2. Mail synchronisation options

  • By default, only the last 3 days of email will be synced to your iPhone. To change this setting, select the account from the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' settings page, and select your preferred option from 'Mail Days to Sync'.
    Mail Days to Sync option shown in
    Available options for Mail Days to Sync
  • You will also see an option 'Mail Folders to Push'. In order to 'subscribe' to folders (i.e. download the emails in them to your phone, and check them for new email) you will need to select them here.
								Folders to Push screen
  • When you have selected the folders you want, on returning to the Account settings page you will see that 'Mail Folders to Push' now says 'Inbox + n' where n is the number of folders you have selected to subscribe to.
    Account settings page with number of subscribed folders
  • Fetch versus Push: you can choose between 'fetching' new email from the server at regular intervals, or allowing the server to 'push' new email to your iPhone. If you opt for 'push' you will get new email as soon as it arrives (assuming you have a network connection), but be aware that this may run your battery down faster! If you opt for 'fetch', you can choose how often the device checks for new mail. You can change your Push/Fetch settings at any time by going to the Settings application and selecting [Fetch New Data] to configure.
    Mail settings page showing 'Fetch New Data' option
    'Fetch New Data' configuration page, showing 'push' on/off
								switch and 'fetch' schedule settings.

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