1. General instructions

1.1. A note about push email

At the present time push email is not supported on the Oxford Nexus. It is a feature that we are currently looking to roll out at a future point. At the moment emails will not come through to the phone immediately but rather your phone will check automatically for email at specific intervals.

1.2. Supported handsets

At the time of writing, Mail for Exchange was confirmed to work with the following models of Nokia Handsets:

  • Expression Series: 3250
  • Active Series: 5320 Xpress Music/5500 Sport/5700 Xpress Music/5800 Xpress Music
  • Classic Business Series: 6110/6120/6121/6124/6210 Classic/6210 Navigator/6220/6290
  • E Series: E50/E51/E60/E61/E61i/E62/E63/E65/E66/E70/E71/E90
  • N Series: N73/N75/N76/N77/N78/N79/N80/N81/N81 8GB/N82/N85/N91/N91 8GB/N92/N93/N93i/N95/N95 8GB/N96

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