4. Using the features of the Oxford Nexus on your handset

Now that your account is set up Mail for Exchange will have integrated itself into the existing applications that are on the phone. Looking at the features individually:
You now will have an new account called Mail for Exchange, where your email from Nexus is stored. If you want to send a new email, then go to [Create Message] as usual, select Email, and then pick Mail for Exchange. Once you've sent the email this will send automatically at the next sync window, but if you want to send it straight away, then select [Options] then Synchronize Email. Similarly if you want to check your email straight away, you can use the same option.
Your events will appear automatically in your calendar without any further input. Similarly, when you create an event, it will show up on your Nexus calendar after the next sync.
These work in the same way as Calendar with changes on either your phone or nexus reflecting after the next sync.

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