2. Synchronisation options

  • Manual update / Timed schedule / Push: you can choose between fetching new email manually from the server, setting a schedule for fetching new email, or allowing the server to 'push' new email to your device. 'Push' is equivalent to the 'As items arrive' schedule setting, and will ensure that you get new email as soon as it arrives; but please note the following:
    • 'Push' will run your battery down faster and use more data (a day of Push Email uses about 170KB of data)
    • 'Push' will only work over GPRS/3G, i.e. it will not work over WiFi.
    You can switch Push Email on or off from [Start Menu > Comm Manager]:
    Comm Manager screen showing Push slider switch.
    To change the timed schedule settings, go to [ActiveSync > Menu > Schedule].
    Schedule settings
  • Conflicts: Synchronisation is always two-way, but you can choose whether data on the device will overwrite data on the server in the event of a conflict or vice versa. To set this, go to [Menu > Configure Server...] from within ActiveSync, go through all the pages until you reach the final screen ('Finish'), then select [Menu] again and select [Advanced].
    Advanced sync settings page.

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