3. Viewing a shared calendar

  1. Go to the Calendar view in Outlook 2003. Click on the link in the Navigation Pane: Open a Shared Calendar...
    Calendar view showing the location of the "Open a Shared
                                  Calendar" link
    Figure 23. Calendar view
  2. Now click Name... to choose the Nexus user whose calendar you want to open:
    Dialog box to enter the name of the user
    Figure 24. Open Calendar
  3. Select the person from the list of Nexus users. (Type in the beginning of their name to scroll to the right place in the list.)
    List of Nexus users to choose from
    Figure 25. Choose user
    Click OK and then OK again.
  4. Assuming that the chosen person has given you permission to view their calendar, you will now see their calendar listed under Other Calendars in the Navigation Pane. Click on it to view it alongside your own:
    Viewing two calendars side-by-side
    Figure 26. View shared calendar

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