3. Create an additional profile

If you want to use Outlook to connect to accounts on two different Exchange servers, or if you prefer to keep your Nexus account in a separate Outlook profile, then you will need to create an additional Profile.

  1. To create a new Outlook 2003 profile, first close down Outlook. Then open the Windows Control Panel by clicking [Start->Settings->Control Panel]. Double-click the Mail icon to open the Mail Setup screen:
  2. Click on the Show Profiles... button.
    Screen offering options for changing mail setup
    Figure 28. Mail Setup Screen
  3. In the window that pops up, tick the radio button before Prompt for a profile to be used, and then click OK.
    Screen showing existing profile(s), with only one listed. 
                                Two radio buttons under list, the top one the one to tick
    Figure 29. Existing profiles list
  4. Re-start Outlook. You should now be prompted to choose a profile from the drop-down list, where the only option(s) is your current profile(s) (in this example 'Outlook').
    Drop-down list of available profiles
    Figure 30. Choose Outlook Profile
  5. Click on the New button to open the New Profile screen.
    Screen prompting the addition of a new profile name into empty
    Figure 31. New profile
    Type in a name for your new profile and click OK.
  6. Follow the instructions for adding a new account, starting at Step 3 in the Nexus configuration for existing Outlook 2003 users section.
  7. The next time you run Outlook, it will offer you a choice of profiles:
    Drop-down list of available profiles
    Figure 32. Choose Outlook Profile
    Choose the new profile and click OK. Outlook will now launch the "Startup Wizard", as if you had never used Outlook before. Follow the instructions for new users at the Outlook Configuration instructions.

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