1. Creating a task

To open the tasks feature and access your tasks, click on the Tasks icon in the left-hand navigation pane (or use the [Go] menu and select Tasks).
Displaying the Tasks display without any tasks listed
Figure 1. The Tasks window

You can create/add tasks in different ways. One way is to use the list of tasks display (in the right-hand part of the Tasks window under 'Subject'). Simply click where it says "Click here to add a new Task". Type in a subject for your task and add a due date (optional). The task then appears among your previously listed tasks.

Another option is to double-click on a blank line in the tasks list. This opens a new, blank task screen where you can enter information about a new task.
New blank task display
Figure 2. Task screen

You can also turn an email message into a task. Simply click on your message (in the Email display) and drag-and-drop it onto the Tasks icon (circled in the screenshot Figure 1, The Tasks window)

If you want to add or edit information about a task you use the task screen. Find the task in the task list and double-click on it to display its task screen.

Once you have opened a task screen, you can add or edit information about the task, such as a subject, when it is due, and a description. You can also set up a reminder.

The Categories... button (bottom right of task screen) allows you to assign categories/lables to your tasks. A default list of categories exists but you can also add your own.

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