3. Shared tasks

3.1. Sharing your tasks

You can share your task with other Nexus users and decide what they are able to do with your tasks (this is different from assigning tasks to others, as described below, and delegating access, described on another page).

  1. To share your tasks, click on Share My Tasks... in the left-hand pane of your tasks screen.
    Tasks screen with Share My Tasks
    Figure 7. Share My Tasks option
  2. The Task Properties screen opens.
    Tasks Properties screen with only Default and Anonymous
    Figure 8. Tasks Properties
  3. Click on the Add button and select the person whom you are giving permission to share your tasks from the list. Click OK.
  4. Set the permissions you grant the sharer by selecting a permission level or ticking the relevant options in the Permissions part of the Figure 8, Tasks Properties

3.2. Viewing shared tasks

To see tasks that someone has shared with you, click on the Open Shared Tasks...in the left-hand pane of your tasks screen.
Tasks screen with Open Shared Tasks
Figure 9. Open Shared Tasks option
Click on the Name button. In the list that pops up, select the name of the person who is sharing their calendar with you. Click OK.
Open Shared Tasks screen, with Name and
                                    OK buttons.
Figure 10. Open Shared Tasks: name button

You should now be able to see the tasks of this person.

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