2. Working with tasks

You can change the way your tasks are displayed. By using the options list under the Current view heading in the left-hand panel, you can quickly change from one view to another, for example displaying all tasks, only tasks that are due this week, tasks listed according to category and so on.

Current view list showing listing options, such as Simple List,
                        Detailed List, Active Tasks and more
Figure 3. Current view list
You can sort the displayed tasks by simply clicking on one of the headings above the task list. If you click on Due Date, your tasks will be displayed sorted by their due date. If you click on Subject, the tasks are listed alphabetically according to their subject. What headings you see varies between different views. If you have set your current view to Detailed List or By Person Responsible you see a different set of headings than if you have selected Simple List.
Sorting tasks pane displayed with three tasks listed
Figure 4. Sorting tasks
You can keep track of how your work is progressing by indicating how much of a task has been completed and/or how much time you have spent on it. This is done on the task screen for the individual task. You can set the status ('In Progress', 'Deferred' etc), how much is completed (in %) and the priority. The Details tab offers the option of entering more details, including the number of hours spent on a task.
Showing task screen with 50 added for '%Complete'
Figure 5. Task screen, 50% completed
You can mark a task as completed either using the task screen (use the Status, % Completed, or Date Completed option) or by simply clicking the tick-box in front of the task in the task list (available in Simple List view).
Task list with 'completed' boxes, one ticked
Figure 6. Task list with 'completed' boxes

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