1. Importing events from your local calendar to the Exchange server

If you already use the calendar function in Outlook 2007, you may want to transfer your existing calendar entries into your new Nexus calendar, so that you can access your calendar from anywhere using Outlook Web Access, or so that you can share your calendar with other Nexus users.

When you start Outlook 2007, you should be able to see both your personal calendar (locally stored on your own machine) and the new Nexus account calendar. You can view both calendars side by side by selecting each calendar from under the [My Calendars] menu. If you only have a few items in your personal calendar you can simply drag and drop them on to the correct place in the Nexus calendar.

Dragging and dropping event from one calendar to another

Many users are likely to have many entries in their personal local calendar which will need to be transferred to the Nexus version. In order to do this you need to export your personal calendar and then import it into Nexus:

Exporting your Personal Calendar

  1. Click on [File] from the top menu and select the [Import and Export] option
    menu listing
  2. The Import and Export wizard then opens
    Opening screen of the wizard
  3. From the list of possible formats choose [Export to a file] and click on Next
    Export to a file screen
  4. On the Export to a file screen choose [Personal Folder File] and click on Next
    Export to a file screen
  5. On the Export Personal Folders screen navigate to the personal calendar you wish to export and click on Next
    Export Personal Folders screen
  6. On the next screen you can choose what to call the file and where it will be saved.
    Save file screen
    Click the Finish button when you have made your choices.
  7. Your file will now be saved to your specified location

Now that your data has been saved to a .pst file you need to import it back into Outlook and into your Nexus calendar. To do this:

Importing your personal calendar data into your Nexus calendar

  1. Click on [File] > [Import and Export]
  2. Click on Import from another program or file and click on Next to continue
    Import export wizard
  3. On the Import a file screen select Personal Folder File (.pst) and click on Next
    Import file screen
  4. On the following screen you can browse to where you have stored the file you wish to import. Select the file and click on Next
    Browse to location of your file
  5. From the Import Personal Folders screen, select what you want to import (calendar in this case) and select your Nexus mailbox as the receiving folder. Click on Finish
    Import Personal Folders screen
  6. Your calendar is now imported into your Nexus accounts calendar. You will see entries from your personal calendar now appear in both your Outlook Nexus calendar and your calendar on the web (https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa)
    Personal and Nexus calendars next to each other

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