3. Create an additional profile

If you want to use Outlook to connect to more than one email account, you can do that. If you have more that one account connecting to an Exchange server, you have to create an additional profile for each account. If only one of your accounts is an Exchange account (like Nexus, giving you access to (shared) calendars and address books etc), you only have to create an additional profile if you prefer to keep your Nexus account in a separate Outlook profile.

To create a new Outlook 2007 profile, you must first close down Outlook. Then open the Windows Control Panel by clicking [Start->Settings->Control Panel]. Double-click the Mail icon to open the Mail Setup screen:
Screen offering options for changing mail setup
Figure 17. Mail Setup Screen
Click on the Show Profiles... button, and then click Add to set up your new profile.
Shows a list of Outlook profiles, where the only entry is the
                            default, "Outlook"
Figure 18. List of existing profiles
Enter a name for the new profile and click OK.
A box to type in a name for your profile, "Oxford Nexus" in the
Figure 19. Add a profile
You will now be taken into the account set-up wizard, but Cancel this for now and click OK on the resulting warning, to create the profile and return to the list of profiles. Now select the option Prompt for a profile to be used, and then click OK.
The new profile now appears in the list of Outlook
Figure 20. List of profiles
The next time you run Outlook, it will offer you a choice of profiles:
Drop-down list of available profiles
Figure 21. Choose Outlook Profile
Choose the new profile and click OK. Outlook will now launch the "Startup Wizard", as if you had never used Outlook before. Follow the instructions for new users at the Outlook Configuration instructions.

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