2. Add to or Change existing accounts

If you are currently using (or have previously used) Outlook 2007 to connect to an email account on your current computer, you will already have an Outlook Profile. The instructions below describe how you can add your Nexus account to this existing profile, so that you can see it listed alongside your existing account(s). Note however: if your existing email account is on an Exchange server (usually giving you access to shared calendars etc), you have to 3. Create an additional profile instead. If you prefer to keep your new Nexus account completely separate from other email accounts you access with Outlook 2007, you should also 3. Create an additional profile, even if the other accounts are not Exchange accounts.

To add your Nexus account to your Outlook 2007 profile, you must first close down Outlook. Then open the Windows Control Panel by clicking [Start->Settings->Control Panel] or [Start->Control Panel]. Double-click the Mail icon to open the Mail Setup screen:
Screen offering options for changing mail setup
Figure 9. Mail Setup Screen
Click on E-mail Accounts... to open Outlook Account Settings:
The E-mail tab lists your existing accounts and offers options to
                            Add, Repair, Change, Set as Default, or Remove.
Figure 10. Account Settings Screen
Click New... to set up a new account. You now need to select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP and click Next.
Screen where you can choose which type of account you want to set
Figure 11. Select Account Type
Type in your email address into the E-mail Address box. Also enter your real name, and your Single Sign-on password (twice) into appropriate boxes. Click Next to continue:
Text boxes to enter your name, email address, and password
Figure 12. Auto Account Set-up
Outlook will then attempt to connect to the Nexus servers to retrieve your account settings. You will see a screen like:
A progress screen to show you the stage of connecting to the Nexus
                            servers and retrieving your details
Figure 13. Configuring
You may see a warning screen asking for permission to connect to the server, if so then click Allow:
A warning screen asking for permission to connect to the Nexus
Figure 14. Connection Warning
Next you will be asked to log in. Enter your Single Sign-On user name in the format: username@nexus.ox.ac.uk and your password and click OK.

Please note username@nexus.ox.ac.uk is NOT your email address, it is only used by the auto-discovery system to find an account.

Login screen
Figure 15. Connect to server
Finally you will see a confirmation screen; click Finish to complete the set-up:
A confirmation screen stating "Your e-mail account is successfully
                            configured to use Microsoft Exchange"
Figure 16. Confirm account set-up
You will now see a warning telling you that you have changed where some of your email messages and calendar information is stored. Click OK to close the warning screen and then click Close and Close again to close down the Mail settings screens. You can now open Outlook and you will find your Nexus account set up and ready to use.

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