1. First-time configuration of Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 will automatically configure itself to connect to your Nexus mailbox - you just need to supply your username and password. This process is called Autodiscovery.

When you start Outlook for the first time, a Wizard will start. Click Next on the first screen to get started:
Startup screen for Outlook 07
Figure 1. Startup Wizard inital screen
If the Wizard does not start automatically then you should follow the instructions at 2. Add to or Change existing accounts.
If you have another email program installed such as Eudora or Outlook Express, Outlook may offer to upgrade, which means it would copy your email messages and account settings from the existing program. However, at this stage you are setting up a new account so if you get the Email Upgrade Options screen, choose Do not upgrade and click Next (You can import your messages from an existing account later, by using the Import and Export Wizard).
Radio buttons to choose whether to upgrade from an existing
                            program. Choose "Do not upgrade".
Figure 2. Email Upgrade Options
Whether you get the Email Upgrade Options screen or not, the Account Configuration window then opens. Select Yes and click Next to continue:
Radio buttons to choose whether to set up an email
Figure 3. Account Configuration
In the Add New E-mail Account window, enter your name in the Your Name box and your email address into the field marked E-mail Address. You also have to enter your Single Sign-On password (twice). Click Next to continue:
Text boxes to enter your name, email address, and password
Figure 4. Auto Account Set-up
Outlook will then attempt to connect to the Nexus servers to retrieve your account settings. You will see a screen like:
A progress screen to show you the stage of connecting to the Nexus
                            servers and retrieving your details
Figure 5. Configuring
You may see a warning screen asking for permission to connect to the server, if so then click Allow:
A warning screen asking for permission to connect to the Nexus
Figure 6. Connection Warning
Next you will be asked to log in. Enter your Single Sign-On user name in the format: username@nexus.ox.ac.uk and your password and click OK.

Please note username@nexus.ox.ac.uk is NOT your email address, it is only used by the auto-discovery system to find an account.

Login screen
Figure 7. Connect to server
Finally you will see a confirmation screen; click Finish to complete the set-up:
A confirmation screen stating "Your e-mail account is successfully
                            configured to use Microsoft Exchange"
Figure 8. Confirm account set-up
There will now be a short delay while Outlook retrieves all your data from the server. When you see the Congratulations! message it means your Nexus account is now set up and ready to use.

Problems? Solutions to some more common problems are provided in the Problems? section.

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