5. Problems?

Autodiscovery fails
If the autodiscovery step fails to connect to the server, or fails to verify your username and password, you will see an error symbol against Search for <username> server settings:
Searching for account failed
Figure 27. Problem connecting to server
Outlook will then offer to try to connect via an unencrypted route, but this is not supported, so click Back to go back and check that you have entered the correct details on the previous screen. If you still cannot connect then you will need to set your account up manually. Go back to the Account Setup screen, and tick the box marked Manually configure server settings or additional server types,
Checkbox is ticked for manual configuration. The rest of the
                                options are greyed out
Figure 28. Go to Manual setup
You will need to enter the server settings yourself. Please see Manual Configuration Instructions for more details.
Cannot see email folders
If you have migrated from Herald, or you have changed email clients, you may need to update your folder subscriptions in order to see all of your email folders.
Other problems
If you continue to have problems then please contact your local IT support staff at your college or department in the first instance.

If you have any problems using Nexus with Outlook 2007, in the first instance you should contact your local (College or Department) IT staff. If they cannot help then please contact the OUCS Helpcentre for further assistance.

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