2. Sharing contacts

Nexus allows you to share your Contacts with other University members of your choice. This makes it easier for people to work collaboratively, by giving everyone access to each others' information. You can only share contacts which are stored on the Nexus servers, so if you have contacts stored locally (in Personal Folders, or elsewhere) you will need to move them into your main Contacts folder within your Nexus Mailbox. You can do this by dragging and dropping them onto the Contacts folder. You can only share contacts with people who are also using Nexus.

Shows the Contacts view in Outlook and the link on the left to share
Figure 19. Outlook Contacts View

To share contacts through Outlook, go to the Contacts view (Figure 19, Outlook Contacts View) and click Share My Contacts folder....

An example Sharing Request, allowing recipients to view contacts and
                        asking them to share their own contacts.
Figure 20. Sharing Request

This opens up a Sharing Request, which is similar to an email message. Enter the addresses of the people you want to share your contacts with as the message recipients. You can also use a distribution list as in the example (Figure 20, Sharing Request). Select the appropriate checkboxes to share your contacts, or to request that the recipient(s) share their contacts with you. If you select Allow recipient to view your Contacts folder, your Contacts folder will be immediately visible to all the recipients, whether or not they agree to share their contacts with you.

2.1. Making a separate folder for non-shared contacts

Sharing your contacts folder makes all data in the default Nexus Contacts folder available to the people you have shared it with. However, you may prefer to only share some of your contacts, and keep others private.

Clicking on the small arrow on the "New" button gives a drop-down
                            menu where you can choose "Folder"
Figure 21. Create new folder

To keep some contacts private whilst sharing your main contacts list, you will need to create an extra contacts folder, within your Nexus mailbox. Do this by clicking the small down-arrow on the New button, and choosing Folder (see Figure 21, Create new folder).

The "Create New Folder" screen where you can choose a name, type,
                            and location for your new folder.
Figure 22. Create new folder screen

Enter a name for your new contacts folder (in Figure 22, Create new folder screen, this is Unshared Contacts). In the Folder Contains field, choose Contact Items. This tells Outlook to treat the folder as a contacts folder, so it will appear in your Contacts view rather than your Mail view. Finally, choose a parent folder. Subfolders of your main Contacts folder are also shared, so choose your Nexus Mailbox as the parent folder if you want the folder to be private. Click OK to create the folder.

Shows the Contacts view with an extra folder of unshared
Figure 23. Unshared contacts

You should now see an extra folder within your Contacts view. Any items stored here (e.g. see Figure 23, Unshared contacts) are stored on the Nexus server, so you can access them from anywhere, but they are not shared with anyone.

2.2. Revoking sharing permissions

If you decide that you no longer want to share your Contacts with someone, you can remove them from your permissions list.

Shows a list of users who you have allowed to access your contacts.
                            You can add and remove users or change advanced options here.
Figure 24. Contacts Properties

To edit permissions, right-click on your Contacts folder and choose Change Sharing Permissions... to open the Contacts Properties window (see Figure 24, Contacts Properties). From this screen, you can remove people by selecting them in the list of users, and then clicking Remove. You can also make changes to individual permissions, such as allowing someone to edit your contacts, by using the checkboxes. When you have finished, click OK to save your changes.

2.3. Viewing someone else's contacts on Nexus

When someone makes their Nexus contacts available to you, you will receive an email message to let you know:

An email message informing you that someone has invited you to
                            share their contacts
Figure 25. Invitation to share someone's contacts

To view their contacts immediately, click on the Open this contacts folder button at the top of the message. You can view them at any time by going to the Contacts view:

Shows the link in the Contacts view to Open Shared
Figure 26. Open a shared contacts folder

Click Open Shared Contacts..., and then click Name.... Choose the owner of the shared contacts, either from the Global Address Book, or from your contacts, just as if you were going to send them an email. Then click OK.

Shows the screen where you choose whose contacts to open, with
                            someone's name filled in.
Figure 27. Choose the name of the owner of the shared contacts

Click OK to open that person's contacts. If you do not have permission, Outlook will offer to send them a sharing request.

If you have any problems using Nexus with Outlook 2007, in the first instance you should contact your local (College or Department) IT staff. If they cannot help then please contact the OUCS Helpcentre for further assistance.

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