Microsoft Outlook 2007 is not designed to print multiple calendars. There is a Microsoft tool that can be installed should you need to print multiple calendars.

Obtaining and installing the software

  1. Go to the Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 page and save the executable file on to your machine.
  2. Before you start the installation make sure that Outlook is not open. Run the CalendarPrintingAssistant.exe from where you saved the downloaded file.
    Welcome to installation screen
  3. Accept the Software License Terms
    Software licence terms and conditions notice
  4. Click Continue. The program will now install and when finished will show the following screen:
    Installation complete message

    Click OK to finish.

How to print multiple calendars using Calendar Printing Assistant:

  1. Open the Calendar Printing Assistant. If Outlook client is not running, it will open and prompt you to login.
  2. To open Calendar Printing Assistant click on [Start] > [All Programs] > [Microsoft Office] > [Microsoft Office Tools] > [Calendar Printing Assistant]:
    Shows Microsoft Office menu and tools subsection
  3. When the tool is open, it will look like this:
    Default program interface
  4. Next step is to select a Template from the menu to the right. In our example we have chosen the Day with 5 Day Columns Letter template:
    Day with 5 Day Columns Letter template selected
  5. After opening a new template, you need to select the calendars you want to print. Click on the down arrow next to View Templates to open the menu:
    View Templates menu options
  6. Then select [Calendars and Tasks] to show a listing of available items:
    Shows a range of calendars that you have access to
    You can select your own calendars and tasks or other calendars/task lists that you have been granted access to.
  7. After selecting the additional calendars, you may want to un-tick default Calendar and the Tasks before continuing:
    Calendars have been selected
  8. Click on the Print icon in the top bar to print the selected calendars:
    Print icon near top of screen
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