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Setting restrictive mailbox folder permissions using Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010


Please note: we recommend making changes described in the following pages, only after you have consulted your Local IT Support.

Nexus Outlook 2007 and 2010 users can allow more restricted access to their mailboxes for other Nexus Outlook 2007 and 2010 users. This can, however, result in a complicated permissions hierarchy if you make changes like this without thought and planning, so local IT support is vital.

1. Giving partial access to a mailbox

Why might you want to do this? There are various reasons:

Granting partial access is not a common requirement but if you really do think that you need to do this then please discuss it with your local IT support before following the instructions below.

1.1. Configuration steps for you

Let’s say you want to give access to a folder within the root of your Inbox, called Gerard Stuff, to your colleague Gerard. You don't want to allow Gerard to do anything else, like see items in your Inbox, Calendar, or send Email on your behalf etc. To achieve this you must go through the following steps:

Right-click on the root folder within Outlook – this is generally identifiable as being your Display Name or Email address.

Figure images/rootMailbox.jpeg [The root folder of the mailbox]

From the context menu, select the [folder Permissions] option (Outlook 2010) or [Change Sharing permissions] (Outlook 2007).

Figure images/sharingPermissions.jpeg [Change sharing permissions menu item (2007)]

Within the Permissions tab, add in the person to whom you want to give access. The default permission is [None] but you must grant the [Folder Visible] permission from the Other section.

Figure images/permissionsTab.jpeg [The Permissions tab]

Repeat the above process on the root of the Inbox: right-click and make this [Folder visible].

Finally, you must repeat the process once more for the Gerard Stuff folder. Additionally for this folder only you must also do the following:
  • Set the Permission Level to whatever you deem necessary.

Figure images/allPermissions.jpeg [Setting the Permission Level]

1.2. Configuration steps for your colleague

The final step is for your colleague to access the folder. To do this they will need to run multiple Nexus mailboxes under one profile and they should follow the instructions below:

If your colleague is using Outlook 2010
they will need to follow the instructions at
If your colleague is using Outlook 2007
they will need to follow the instructions at

2. Where next?

Now that you have seen how to give partial access to your mailbox you may like to have a look at some other Nexus features:

If you have any problems, in the first instance you should contact your local (College or Department) IT staff. If they cannot help then please contact the OUCS Helpcentre for further assistance.