1. Creating a task

You can see your tasks in different places in Outlook 2007 — in the Tasks feature as such, in the To-Do Bar, and at the bottom of your calendar (day and week view).
Part of Navigation pane with Tasks highlighted
Figure 2. Tasks in the Navigation pane
Tasks in Calendar view
Figure 3. Tasks in the Calendar
You can create/add tasks in different ways. One way is to start from the To-Do List panel in the Task feature window. Simply click where it says Click here to add a new Task". Type in a subject for your task and add a due date (optional). The task then appears among your previously listed tasks.
Task feature window. To-Do List in middle panel, "Click here to add
                            a new Task" circled
Figure 4. Task feature window with To-Do List
If you double-click on Click here to add a new Task or on a blank line in the To-Do List, this opens a new, blank task screen where you can enter information about a new task.
New blank task display
Figure 5. Task screen

You can also turn an email message into a task. Simply click on your message (in the Email display) and drag-and-drop it onto the Tasks icon (highlighted in the screen-shot Figure 4, Task feature window with To-Do List)

1.1. Add or edit information about a task

If you want to add or edit information about a task you use the task screen Figure 5, Task screen. Find the task in the task list and double-click on it to display its task screen.

Once you have opened a task screen, you can add or edit information about the task, such as a subject, when it is due, and a description. You can also set up a reminder.

The bar above the tasks list offers short-cuts to some of the many options you have at your disposal when working with your tasks. The Options part of the bar lets you assign categories/lables to your tasks, set a date for follow-up, mark a task as recurring and label a task as private.

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